We don't know you. Run.

[Job Notice] REKT

Beatdown -  Some folks need to be taught a painful lesson. 

You don’t touch what ain’t yours. I need a team to pull a Burn, then kick the ever-living drek out of the folks that come out of the front door. 

These are scum of the earth rapists and murderers, without a scrap of honor among the lot of them. They hurt someone near and dear to me very badly, and soiled something else that had great value.

1500 ¥ for the burn

350 ¥ a head for proof of each one that ain’t capable of wastin’ anymore of my air. 

Dead ain’t required - a stay in the tank is.


[Info Dump] Digital Map Updates - Per request

[Job Notice] Package Acquisition

Courier Intercept - Time and place provided 1-3 hours prior to rendezvous

Physical Conflict - Likely vehicular



- fate of courier/others irrelevant 

- collateral damage irrelevant

- all gear / equipment on site may be retained 

Acceptance of this job requires the acceptance of special conditions as follows: Significant harm to PACKAGE will forfeit all payment, and require restitution provided via escrow in the form of 150% payment and potential additional fees. 

5,500 ¥ up-front - 10,000 ¥ additional on safe return of PACKAGE to location to be communicated. 

<name withheld - account validated - escrow payment received. This is legit, folks - GodMod >

[Info Sale] FeFe’s Magic Carpet Ride

Knowledge is power, chummer. I’ve got it in spades.

Recent acquisitions include: 

-[SOLD] Want to know which Knight Errant perv has a cam installed in a certain ‘Plex locker room? (The men’s locker room) 500 ¥ [SOLD]

-[DISCOUNTED] Full travel schedule for a certain little nova-hot fem-celeb that’s been tearing up the trids, to INCLUDE room numbers, pics of her staff, and to top it off, the SINs you need to be a part of the crew. She’s in town for one night next week - make it memorable for her. I also require the acquisition of some of those little craft table sausages. Yum. [DISCOUNTED] 1,500  1,000 ¥

-Backdoor access via ‘Trix into the newest/strangest nightclub in the ‘Plex. You know the one - popular with all the freaks that freak out the freaks. Enough to put your foot in the door. Try to leave the place better than you found it, or at least … more interesting than you found it. 1,000 ¥

-[SOLD] Last but not least, I’ve got info on who sent Hasbro and crew limping home last night to the day-glo rock they live under with broken bones and pride that needs immediate medical attention. They’re not who you’d expect, chummers. First come, first serve on this, one buyer then the info is gone and bye-bye. Names, pictures, favorite colors. 2,000 ¥ [SOLD]

Drop your coins in the slot and send me a ping, lovelies. 

(Oh, as usual, if you want it all and you’re first to the table, it’s 10 percent off for the lot )




[Info Dump] Corps

Refreshing our baseline data -

[Job Notice] Cleanup

hey - i got a job needs doin’. thems that been settin fires in the Barrens - i knows who and i knows where. theys together. theys aint gettin away with burnin my stuff. no they aint. monty got savins yes he do. monty just needs some strongarms. them burners got creds and gear and firesuits. what they got you can have as extra. montys payin 1k if theys gone forever.

<GodMod Note>: Monty is a friend of ours, and this is transcribed from a note he dropped on me in meatspace. As my usual philosophy is that only I get to play “kick-the-headcase”, I’m posting this and hoping someone’s down for what amounts to charity work. I may even pitch in a bonus. Post up if you’re feeling angelic.

[Job] Driver/Team Needed

Non-corp VIP transport

Sea-Tac pickup - travel throughout the ‘Plex.

-Solid SIN required - not provided-

-Professional clothing required - not provided-

-Vehicle required - not provided - [MUST be professional]

Instructions will need to be followed to the letter.

ANY Deviation will forfeit payment apart from upfront.

Matrix meeting will be required for acceptance - intended SIN will be scanned during this meeting. 

5-10 days from now -

Must be available/on immediate call 24/7 these days.

20k Upfront via Escrow. No middle parties.

Completion fee subject to negotiation/reputation/performance.

Contact via - 832-103453-65444-6.1

[Job] Product Acquisition


One nighter - non-corp - package safety is paramount


Planning resources available

Face to face meet is MANDATORY. 7 days until jump time. 

Payment- 15k up-front via escrow / % when package moves 

NO AMATEURS- Evidence of past work required prior to meet. 



everyone hear the traffic on the Bishops? down for the count, baby. anyone have specifics? who frelled them over?

<GodMod Notice>

Lockdown lifted - we’re back to business. Resume the normal. If you’ve got work, the escrow account is live again.

The standard 1% for securely middle-manning your run payments is active. Post the job, drop the cash in, .

Accepted/Completed/Failed/Whatever - No refunds on the fee. 

Open Cbox